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Your blog has really engaging content! Now you can enable your audience to listen to your blog while they are on the go. More and more people want to consume content while driving, exercising, and doing chores. Let your words be heard, by offering a new way for your existing audience to consume your current content. This new tool is a natural way to leverage the work you’ve already done, and repurpose it into a new resource for your audience.

Female Voice over actress speaking into a microphone

Help your audience experience your blog in a brand new way.

Spoken word content is in high demand, with podcasts growing at an amazing rate! We help transform you from blogger to blogcaster, by expanding your blog to include spoken word. In the future, Blogcaster Network could help you gain new audience by enhancing the searchability of your content.

Blogcaster Creates Your Audio Blog.

With Blogcaster, there is no need to record your voice. We have developed an intelligent, automated way of transforming your text into speech. Simply import your blog post, and Blogcaster will let your words be heard through our automated reader system.

Measure Your Audience Reaction to Your Content.

Audio player reports will be able to provide details on what parts of your content are consumed, as well as who is listening. Learn how to leverage the best part of your content through our analytic reporting data.

Simple Audio Player Test.

If you have enjoyed listening to this audio blog post, and would like to test your content with your audience, please reply back to our email. We will then help you setup a simple audio player test for your blog.

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