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Convert Class Assignments to Audio

We Convert Written Materials
to Audio Lectures

Converting written text blog into audio
Leverage the content you have already created
by providing a spoken word option for your students.

Your assignments can now be played like an audiobook.

Students can listen to their assignments online

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Powering auditory learning
at scale

You now have a dedicated team of audio professionals who will work tirelessly to create your class resources. Provide instruction with a unique voice – in any style, language, or accent imaginable.
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Audio Content for Mobile Students

Playable content has the highest engagement length
of any content medium. It’s no wonder why podcasts
and audiobooks are growing!


Mobile friendly content is beneficial to active lifestyles.
Connect with your students while they are on the go.


Providing your students with an audio resource allows them
to engage with your class materials longer.
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Create Better Learning Outcomes

Multi-sensory teaching resources help students absorb and retain course material, while providing a more compelling content offering, and promoting higher academic performance.

Efficient Workflow

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Easy as Copy and Paste!

We have developed an intelligent,
automated way of transforming your text into speech.
Don’t worry about buying studio gear and mixing audio.
We have created an easier solution!

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Meet your deadlines on time


Just paste your text


Select from a variety of voices

Structure your Departments for Success

Provide multi-staff access for support by assistants, faculty, and
department leaders to work inside your Blogcaster account.

Add Value to Your Educational Platform

Create a rich experience for your students with audible content.
Auditory learners comprise approximately 30% of the world’s population.
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Enhanced Student Engagement

Our analytic reporting data provides insightful perspectives on audio resource usage and overall effectiveness.

Next Level Customer Support

Customized onboarding, dedicated account representatives, and prioritized support allows your faculty and staff to focus on what matters most – higher academic excellence!

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