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Converting written text blog into audio
Leverage the content you have already created
by providing a spoken word option for your audience.

Think of your blog as an audiobook.

Your audience can listen to your content while on the go.

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Audio Content for a Mobile Audience

Playable content has the highest engagement length of any content medium. It’s no wonder why podcasts and audiobooks are growing!


Mobile friendly content is beneficial to active lifestyles. Providing your audience with an audio resource enables them to engage with your website longer.


You also have the opportunity of engaging
with you’re audience while they are on the go.

Simple and Automated

iPhone X with the user interface of Blogcaster

Goodbye, scary microphone!

It’s as easy as copy and paste.
We have developed an intelligent, automated way
of transforming your text into speech.
Don’t worry about buying studio gear and mixing audio.
We have created an easier solution!

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Automated platform


Simple text conversion


Priced to fit your wallet.

How it Works

Becoming a Blogcaster
  1. Sign Up

Choose a package and create an account – You are now a Blogcaster! You will receive a welcome email with your setup instructions and tutorials.

  1. Setup

Follow the tutorial instructions to setup your channel and then create the preferred settings for your account.

  1. Submit

Send us a blog post and we will convert it to audio – helping you create your first blogcast. You will receive an email confirming our receipt of your post.

  1. Process

Your post is queued for processing and once complete an audio file and player embed code is produced and sent to you.

  1. Review

You will receive a confirmation link to review the blog post and reply back to verify your approval of the audio processing.

  1. Publish

You place the embed code for the audio player on your page with your blog post and your readers can also become your listeners.

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Embed our player to your web page

Publish our player in your articles and invite your audience to listen.

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Monetize Your
Premium Content

Create a revenue stream for your blog by providing a rich experience to your audience with audible content.


Become a member to gain access to premium content

Increase Email Engagement

Emails with playable thumbnails have higher
click-through rates.
More of your message is getting through to your leads.
Which ultimately means more potential sales.
Who wouldn’t like more sales!
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Average Play Length


New Listeners


Get To Know
Your Audience

Analytical reports can provide details on what content is being consumed, as well as who is listening.

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